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We ❤️ Jess: The Cookbook

To honor Jess' nearly 11 years of service to ONA, we are celebrating one her favorite past-times: eating and drinking well.

Of the countless reasons we all love Jess, one of her most endearing qualities is the joy she vicariously experiences when seeing or hearing about great meals. While we wish we could all reunite to treat our favorite gastronaut to the most glorious dinner, complete with endless toasts honoring the past decade's achievements, we have found a way to both fill her belly and her bucket by creating a personalized cookbook.

This is where you come in!

This cookbook will feature your favorite recipes — refined, low-brow, and everywhere in between — and the stories behind them. These recipes do not need to connect directly to Jess (though if it does, wonderful!); we are looking for recipes that have meaning to you.
Maybe this is the breakfast dish that is a must on every birthday, the recipe that you inherited from your grandmother that you were so proud to successfully recreate, the cocktail you learned to make from a bartender on your backpacking trip 30 years ago, or the go-to pantry meal you rely on when you need something quick and satisfying. Maybe cooking to you is more akin to selecting items from DoorDash, but there's a late-night snack you like to throw together in the microwave or a recipe that that someone else in your life makes that you look forward to. Food unites us all, and we know there is something you have that is worth sharing here.
In addition to submitting the recipe and about your connection to it, you will also have an opportunity to share a note for Jess and attach pictures to be included in the cookbook. The deadline to submit through this form is Wednesday, January 3, 2024.

A few notes as you are considering what to submit:

● If possible, please avoid recipes involving sesame seeds as this is Jess’ one food allergy.
● What are the tips Jess should know if tackling your recipe? Add your helpful notes where it would clarify steps, ingredients, cooking processes, etc.!
● We know sometimes the best recipes don’t have exact measurements of ingredients. Do your best to describe how Jess should know how much to use.
● Recipes do not need to be original (e.g., can be directly or modified from a published work). There is a question prompt below that requests attribution if relevant.
● You may submit up to three recipes to this project.
● If the lack of formatting capabilities in the form makes it difficult to share the recipe in a clear way, you are welcome to instead write the recipe with formatting in Google Docs and share the link as the response to prompts. Please ensure that the sharing is opened to include [email protected] or can be accessed/edited by anyone with the link.
Questions about anything here or something else? Email Hanaa at [email protected]!
Finally, this is a surprise! Please do not mention this to Jess or ask her questions about this!

Recipe Submission Form

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In what category should your recipe be organized?

Recipe Title

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About how many servings will this recipe yield?

What are the ingredients?

What are the steps to making this recipe?

Optional: Do you have any pictures of the completed recipe and/or steps taken to make the recipe? Please upload those here.

If an attribution should be included with this recipe, please share that here. You can also add if you modified the original recipe or any other relevant details.

Do you have a message you'd like to share with Jess?

Do you have any pictures with Jess, of you at something ONA-related or doing your best "Jess Face," of inside jokes, and/or anything else that would make Jess smile? Please upload those here.

One last creative question: do you have a suggestion for the title of this cookbook?

Would you like to submit a second recipe?

Would you like to submit a second recipe?